Compare investments with FundVisualizer

Financial advisors have many sources of information about investments available to them, but few are as easy to use and powerful as FundVisualizer. This research tool offers key data to help advisors compare over 30,000 mutual funds, including ETFs, and indexes.

Compare mutual funds

Almost half of U.S. households own mutual funds either through their workplace retirement plan or in personal portfolios. But with thousands of funds available, how do financial advisors research and track funds for clients?

Compare ETFs with FundVisualizer

With the number of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) growing every year, it can be a challenge to find the right choices for investors. FundVisualizer is designed to make it easier for financial advisors to build an ETF comparison.

Compare index funds with FundVisualizer

Index funds have a long history but have grown in popularity over the past few decades by offering low-cost exposure to financial markets and a consistent investment style. As passive strategies, they mirror benchmark indexes.

Analyze portfolios

As a financial advisor, you know that clients today don’t simply want a star fund or fund manager. Clients look to financial advisors to provide better risk-adjusted performance that helps them achieve long-term goals. FundVisualizer enables you to explore funds and to create portfolios that demonstrate how you are helping clients achieve their goals.