As everyone adjusts to the new normal, where working from home and social distancing replace in-person meetings, it is important for financial advisors to develop strategies to continue delivering great client service virtually.

Fortunately, best practices developed from years of in-person meetings can be translated to the virtual world through video-conferencing technology and FundVisualizer™, which allows you to create custom reports that can be shared with clients on screen or by email.

Whether in-person or virtually, the goal for advisors has always been to provide valuable, personalized service for clients. Here are some tips for doing that in the new normal.

  1. Choose technology that is most comfortable for you and your client. A video conference creates a personalized experience and is the most like meeting in person. For clients who have integrated Skype, WebEx, Zoom, or other meeting technology into their daily routine, video is a great choice. But those clients who are less technologically savvy might prefer a phone call supported by customized reports sent via email. The best solution may be to propose a video conference, with the offer of a phone call if the client prefers.
  2. Be early and be prepared. Open the virtual meeting 10 minutes ahead of the start time to make sure your technology is working properly and you are ready to go when the client arrives. Being prepared also means having reports downloaded from FundVisualizer and ready to share.
  3. Virtual appearances matter. Pay attention to how you look on camera. Be sure lighting is bright enough and you are not too close or too far away from the camera. Declutter your background. Make sure you are dressed professionally — even if it is more casual than your usual office wardrobe.
  4. Acknowledge the unusual situation. Although it is always important to start with a personal check-in, the current situation demands it. In addition to covering the health, job, and personal concerns that are top-of-mind at this moment, it is also a good time to remind clients that you are available and will be using technology to maintain important relationships that have been built over time.
  5. Share high-quality, custom client reports from FundVisualizer. Having high-quality, well-presented information is more important than ever when you are presenting from a distance. FundVisualizer allows you to import client portfolios directly from a spreadsheet and create customized, shareholder-approved reports. FundVisualizer includes a wide range of chart types, allowing you to create and model portfolios, build hypotheticals to compare different allocation models, and compare correlation to uncover hidden portfolio risks.

FundVisualizer lets you choose from nine different chart types to visualize investment ideas for clients.

The PDF reports you generate are ready to present as a screen-share during a video meeting or email to clients in advance of a phone meeting.

FundVisualizer’s PDF Creator feature lets you easily build shareholder-approved client-ready reports to share and email to clients. See how you can create client facing reports now.

To find out more about building and sharing custom client reports with FundVisualizer, view the video, or begin exploring FundVisualizer now.