There are many mutual fund screeners available for financial advisors, most available at a high fee or with a complicated interface. FundVisualizer is here to make it easy, fast, and free for advisors to discover new investment opportunities to add to your research.

One way FundVisualizer accomplishes this is by simplifying the design of the mutual fund screening process. Unlike other screeners, FundVisualizer enables you to begin right from the home page with Explore.

Get Started, Explore New Opportunities

Click Start and you can begin immediately adding funds by name, ticker, or Morningstar category.

FundVisualizer accelerates your research by showing you the top 20 performing funds in the same category and share class, defaulted to the 5-year performance metric.

Search Now and Explore Mutual Funds

Sort and filter your comparisons

The Filters provide options to narrow down the results set for your research.

You can try a variety of criteria for sorting — performance, risk metrics, expense ratios, fund families and more.

Use the View menu to see funds as bubble charts or a list.

Explore Mutual Fund Chart

Choose a different fund as the reference fund

The tool provides the flexibility to choose a different fund to be the reference fund that the other funds are compared against. In the bubble chart view, simply “drag and drop” another fund over the reference fund. In the list view, click “Make reference” column to switch the reference fund.

Make a Reference to a Mutual Fund

Create a head-to-head comparison

Click on the funds in your screener that you would like to add to a head-to-head comparison. In a few short steps, you are ready to compare and analyze your group.

Create New Comparisons

After selecting Create to generate your head-to-comparison, you can produce a number of interactive charts to save and share with clients.

Select a Chart - Table, Mountain, Bar, Line, X/Y, Correlation, Asset Allocation, Sector, Top Holdings