Frequently asked questions

We created FundVisualizer to help financial advisors build their base of business. If you’re a financial advisor, simply log in with your work email address. If your email is not recognized, you’ll be asked to complete a quick registration screen and you can use FundVisualizer immediately.

Data is sourced from Morningstar. Performance data is updated daily, whereas other information is updated on the 12th and 20th of each month.

Nothing! Unlike other proprietary fund comparison tools, FundVisualizer is free to use on the website or from our iPad app.

You can compare over 80 performance and risk metrics from the Morningstar mutual fund universe, including ETFs, no loads, and indexes.

No! This is a tool made to make your life easier. While we’d love you to, you’ll never need to include a Putnam fund in any comparison.

The Fund Explorer is an exciting tool that enables you to discover new investment opportunities! Simply enter a fund’s ticker or name, and the tool will return funds in the same share class and Morningstar category. Use the available filters to further narrow down the results, and easily add to comparisons.

Yes. While FundVisualizer works from most browsers, it’s also available as a dedicated app for iPad. You can also use it from any device’s browser as it was designed to adapt to any screen size.

Yes. Returns assume the reinvestment of all income and capital gains distributions.

Yes. Use the PDF creator to generate a custom cover page and document. The PDF includes the required legal disclosures that enable you to share this with clients. Please confirm with your firm’s compliance department to ensure that the disclosures appropriately cover you and your firm.

Yes, if your fund data are kept in a spreadsheet. Use the Import feature to copy your funds and portfolios directly from the spreadsheet.

No, at this time Collective Investment Trust data are not available in FundVisualizer.